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Bath Accessories & Safety Options

Increase your Bath or Shower's functionality & safety.

Tub Cove offers a wide choice of bath accessories to customize your bath remodel & personalize it to your family's needs.


An accessory is defined as,

A thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive

Choosing the right bath & shower surround accessories can make the difference between a clean, organized look and a cluttered, over-worked area. 

Therefore give careful consideration to the items you need that will be functional without making the area feel cluttered.   

- Shelley's Tips

Finishing Touches

Add the little things that can add a lot to your bathing experience.

Tub Cove carries an extensive range of bath accessories to personalize your bath remodel project to best meet your family's needs.

Add Functionality & Beauty

Safety & Assisted Living

Everyone wants to enjoy their bath or shower as a safe, pleasant experience.

Tub Cove can help you make your bathing safer with a wide choice of accessories that can be installed to best suit your particular safety needs.

Add Mobility, Accessibility & Safety

Corner (Caddy) Shelves

Corner shelves add functionality & the convenience of having your soap, shampoo & other bathing products organized within easy reach.

They can be added to most bathtub & shower walls, and are available in different materials & styles.

Solid Surface Corner Shelf
Solid surface soap & shampoo corner shelvies are approximately 18” high x 7 1/2” on the sides.  

They have a 90 degree shape designed for mounting in a corner.

Due to their weight, they are installed over a bracket that is fastened to the studs in the corner of the wall, and then securely glued & caulked. 

Solid Surface corner shelves cannot be installed on a laminate surround wall

If you are having a laminate surround wall installed, Please refer to the Moen corner grab bar/shelf combination.

- Shelley's Tips

corner shelf

Corner Soap Dish - Shelf - Grab Bar

Moen decorative corner grab bar shelving unit

Adds extra stability and convenient storage in the bathtub or shower.

It's perfect for use with laminate surround walls, and serves a dual purpose. 

A corner shelf, that is easy to maintain & will hold shampoo & conditioner or soap & sponge. 

A corner grab bar, for added bathing safety.

Multiple units can be installed to best suit your needs.

It features a 250-pound weight capacity, which meets ADA weight-load standards

Note: Backing must be installed between the wall studs to support the unit for proper weight-bearing safety when used as a grab bar.

Finishes include: Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Old World Bronze finishes

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Preventing water damage - beware of recessed soap dishes

In the past, installing a recessed soap dish was the most popular (only) option. 

Recessed soap dishes require cutting out a hole in the wall to properly install. 

These units were prone to undetected water leaking in at the caulk line seam, creating water damage which would ruin both the bath wall & substrate below. 

We now have lots of soap dish choices that eliminate this potential problem.

- Shelley's Tips

moen  corner shelf & grab bar

moen decorative grab bar shelf
Matching Moen styles
Further customization of the bath or shower area with matching straight shelf/grab bar combination units & grab bars are available to suit your needs.


Trim Kits

If you are not having a new valve installed, purchasing new plumbing fixtures for your tub or shower surround can make a huge difference. 

Tub spouts are available with or without a diverter and they can be slip-on or they may have a set screw which is commonly referred to as a “screw on” style.  Tub spouts can come in different lengths so it’s important to know what length you will need if you are buying trim. 

Consult with your estimator what your options are and what kind of trim you should use.

We find that shower heads and shower arms are universal, while the valve handle and escutcheon plate where  you control the water flow are usually proprietary to the manufacturer and style of trim. 

- Shelley's Tips


raised shower arm

Shower Arms

Are you on a tight budget but needing to raise your showerhead?   

A simple fix would be to purchase a “goose neck shower arm” for your showerhead. 

This arm raises the showerhead 6” – 8” and they are perfect for price conscious home-owners on a budget. 

They come in all shapes, sizes and metal types.

raised shower arm


When choosing a new shower head, start by deciding which features are most important to you.

There are numerous types and styles of showerheads available in many finishes. 

When installing a new Moen control valve, Tub Cove provides a chrome Moen TL-172 Legend trim kit with a simple, single set shower head as standard. 

If you find & purchase a showerhead yourself,  we will be happy to install your showerhead when we are finishing your remodel. (must be at site at time of install)

The larger the showerhead, the softer the flow of water tends to be

This is because the source of water flow is spread over a larger area, decreasing the water pressure as it passes through the shower head, creating more of a ‘rain’ shower than a water fspray.. 

If you want to be able to adjust the pressure, find a multi-function shower head.  

You don't have to spend a lot to get a better performing showerhead.  Some of the best performing showerheads available are not only inexpensive ,but they often perform better than higher priced models. 

- Shelley's Tips



rainshower showerhead

According to Consumer Reports, the Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that showers account for nearly 1.2 trillion gallons use each year—about one-sixth of all the water used in U.S. residences for bathing.

Before 1994, showerheads typically had a flow rate of 5½ gallons per minute. Since then, the Department of Energy has limited showerheads to 2½ gpm to conserve not only water, but energy for the water heater.

Models that display a WaterSense label use no more than 2 gpm.

Control Valves - Pressure-Balancing

Moentrol Pressure-Balancing valves - The most popular replacement control valve we install. 

Control with a Pull - The nice thing about this valve is that you can pull the handle part way and get partial pressure, or you can pull it all the way out and get full water pressure.


moentrol valve

Control Valves - Temperature-Control

Moentrol Posi-Temp valves - Prevent thermal shock & accidental scalding.

Control with a Turn - A temperature control valve limits the maximum temperature of the hot water in the bath or shower.

This prevents the shock of a sudden burst of hot water that can lead to falls in the tub or shower, or possible accidental hot water scalding.T his valve has a temperature limit stop to control maximum hot water temperature and is pressure balanced to maintain discharge temperature to within 2 degrees Fahrenheit.


moentrol posi-temp valve

Splash Guards

Splash guards help minimize overspray of water & help protect the walls outside the surround area, as well as the floor from puddles that happen from water leaking. 

There are many types of splash guards available

Plastic splash guards - our standard best seller.

Custom-made tempered shower glass panels - a popular choice for those looking for more water protection & a distinctive look. These stationery panels can be made for tubs or showers in custom sizes to fit almost any application.


Benefits of Splash Guards

Keeps shower splash inside the tub area

Often used with a shower curtain, instead of installing shower doors

Protects walls & flooring

Helps control mildew & musty odors

Fits most tub & shower combinations

Saves costly water-damage repair bills

glass bathtub splash guard

bathtub splash guard

Shower Rods

The simplest & most inexpensive method of making your shower or bathtub water-tight is the use of a shower curtain hung from a shower curtain rod. 

Shower curtain rods are available in many shapes & sizes.

Shower rod installation options include:

Suspended from the ceiling

Mounted on wall brackets

Spring-tension mounted (a type that doesn’t require drilling holes)

Shower rods can be straight, curved, L-shaped or oval.

A shower curtain can easily be taken down & washed on a gentle cycle in a washing machine and re-hung. 

Curved Shower Rods
The benefit of a curved shower rod is that due to its shape, it gives you 30% more room inside the shower area. 

A curved shower curtain rod does not require a special curtain style or shape.  

It is a good idea to use a longer shower curtain & a shower curtain liner.  

When showering, drape the shower curtain liner inside the tub or shower pan to maximize water-proofing.


When deciding which shape of shower curtain rod to install

Take the layout of the rest of the room in to consideration. 

  • How close is the toilet to the shower?
  • Will a curved shower rod and curtain make your bathroom look too cluttered or crowded
  • Is there a vanity or cabinet next to the shower that interferes with the performance of the shower curtain when mounted on a curved rod?

You can find a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors of shower curtain rings to hang the curtain of your choice on the shower rod.  Shop around and find something that suits your décor & personality. 

I have a custom printed nylon shower curtain and liner that I purchased online.  It has a large art deco style octopus printed on it that makes me smile every time I go in the bathroom. 

- Shelley's Tips

curved shower rod

Safety & Assisted Living

Everyone wants to enjoy their bath or shower as a safe, pleasant experience.

Aging & other mobility issues can make safety while bathing a priority. Fear of slipping or falling can bring worry.

Tub Cove can help you make your bathing safer with a wide choice of accessories that can be installed to best suit your particular safety needs.

Add Mobility, Accessibility & Safety


bath grab bars

Safety Grab Bars & Hand Grips

Many people think of grab bars as synonymous with senior living. The truth is, grab bars come in many shapes, sizes and styles and the simply aren't just for seniors or the handicapped.

They help you maintain your balance while standing in a tub or shower while maneuvering your body to wash your feet or shave your legs. They also help you balance while climbing in or out of the tub or shower and they can help you avoid dangerous slips or falls in a slippery, wet, sometimes soapy environment.

We do not recommend suction cup grab bars as they can leave mildew circle shaped stains on cultured stone surrounds and we find they don't work well on non-shiny surfaces such as laminate.

If you know that someday you will want a grab bar installed in your new Tub Cove surround but you aren't ready for it just yet, we can install backing in between the studs and give you a line drawing of the position of the backer wood for future installations.

Grab bars can be functional, decorative or both. They also come in many finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, etc. You can get corner grab bar shelves that serve as a grab bar to steady yourself in the shower or a shelf to set your shampoo and conditioner bottles on. There are also horizontal grab bar shelving units available.

Many of the folks that choose to do a tub to shower conversion in the Seattle area want a short grab bar installed vertically at the entrance to the tub or shower to steady themselves while getting in or out of the shower or bath. A second grab bar is usually installed in the middle of the long back wall to use to balance yourself while in the bath or shower.

The importance of having adequate support while bathing or showering can't be overstated.

Grab Bars & Safety

I have personally been in a situation where I slipped and fell while getting out of the shower. I had the presence of mind to "tuck and roll" when I started to fall and fell in to my shower curtain then the floor. If this happened to you, wouldn't you rather have a grab bar?

- Shelley's Tips

bath grab bars

Bathtub & Shower Seats

Bathtub and shower seats come in all shapes and sizes.

You can purchase and mount a wall-mounted shower seat that folds down in different materials such as teak wood or rubberwood. Appropriate wood support needs to be installed between the wood studs in the wall while the walls are open. Once the surround material has been installed, the wall mounted seat is installed overtop the backing and all wall mounts are caulked as needed.

You may find a free-standing teak shower seat more to your liking. They can be set inside the shower when needed for use or set outside the shower and used to hold a stack of clean towels or whatever you choose when company arrives and the seat isn't needed.

For more information, please contact our office. If shower seating  is needed, feel free to discuss your options with a Tub Cove representative to find a seat that best suits your needs & budget.


Do you need a seat each time you or your loved one showers, or do you only need a seat occasionally?

If you answered you only need it occasionally, I would suggest looking at a free standing teak shower seat.

Teak is a type of wood that withstands water exposure really well. You can find free standing teak shower seats in all shapes and sizes online and they are usually priced under $200.

They can be set in and used in the shower or, if you have company, take them out, set them aside and put a vase of flowers or small stack of decorative towels on the seat to add to the ambiance in your bathroom.

- Shelley's Tips

bath seat

Handheld Showerheads

There are literally hundreds of models of hand-held showerheads to choose from.
Handheld showerheads come in many different styles, metals and they all have different features to choose from.

3 main hand-held showerhead types:

Mounted hand-held showerhead

Slide bar mounted hand-held showerhead

Hand-held shower head, with a fixed showerhead, and a water flow diverter

You can spend $100 on a nice hand held showerhead, or you can spend more than $2000 depending on what it is you are looking for.

Be sure to do the research to find which approach is best for your needs.

When Choosing a Handheld Showerhead

I ask my customers to pick what they want & before purchasing a handheld:

Try out what style feels good in your hand

Does it have the features you're looking for?

Have it at the job site when we do your project & we will install it for you.

If the hand-held has to be assembled, or there are specific special instructions for its installation, there may be a small fee involved.

Please discuss this with the estimator when he comes out to do the initial consult.

- Shelley's Tips

handheld showerhead

Temperature Control Valves

Prevent thermal shock & accidental scalding.

A temperature control valve limits the maximum temperature of the hot water in the bath or shower.

This prevents the shock of a sudden burst of hot water that can lead to falls in the tub or shower, or possible accidental hot water scalding.

We recommend using the Moentrol Posi-Temp valve produced by Moen.

This valve has a temperature limit stop to control maximum hot water temperature and is pressure balanced to maintain discharge temperature to within 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

The valve comes with a lifetime limited warranty against leaks, drips and finish defects to the original consumer purchaser.

Easier to Operate - Turn instead of Pull

This is the second most popular valve we install.

It's great for handicapped, elderly or people afflicted with arthritis, as it's easy to operate.

You don't pull that valve handle out to turn it on, you just turn the handle to the right and the water comes on.

Keep turning the handle to get the water temperature you desire.

- Shelley's Tips


posi-temp valve