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Frequently Asked Questions

Tub Cove replaces hundreds of bath & shower walls, bath tubs, shower bases and temperature control valves each year. We specialize in bath tub and shower stall areas - our 35+ years plumbing expertise & efficiency is unsurpassed!


Can I Get A Free Estimate?
Yes. Estimates are free in Tub Cove’s service area,

There is no-obligation & no-pressure.

Call (206) 522-1711 to book your in-home appointment.

At the time of the estimate Tub Cove will answer all of your questions & also take the precise measurements required to ensure your tub wall fits perfectly.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

Sat: 10 am - 2 pm

We are closed on Sunday

What is Tub Cove’s Service Area?
Usually from North Everett south to Kent, Federal Way & Tacoma, and east to Snohomish & Issaquah.

Does Tub Cove Offer A Warranty?
Besides guaranteeing all of our installations, we offer a limited liability warranty on materials and workmanship.

Our residential installation warranty is for a period of two years. Rental installations are warrantied for a period of one year.

What If I Want To Install My Own Tub Wall?
Tub Cove provides Tub Wall Kits that you can install. We are happy to share our knowledge to assist you in your installation.

How Long Does An Installation Take?
In almost all cases, it takes Tub Cove one day to tear out an existing surround (eg, tile), install new green board when needed, and install a new surround and shower door.

A second day is needed for the process if a tub or shower base is being replaced.

What Lead Time Should I Plan For?
Typical lead times are in the range of two to three weeks.

Am I Limited To Only A Few Color Choices?
Never. Tub Cove has over 300 laminate colors and patterns to choose from. Additionally, there are over 200 solid surface color choices and patterns.

We welcome all calls for color consult & laminate recommendations.

Visit our showroom to view & take home samples.

Matching Your Color Pallete
Rather than hauling tile and flooring samples with you as you shop for your bathroom remodel materials. Pick up some paint chip samples at your local hardware store that tie in to your color palette. They are light & easy to carry around, you will have your color samples everywhere you go.

- Shelley's Tips

What If I Have Dry Rot In My Wood?
Wood dry rot can exist in wall studs and flooring when leaks occur over an extended period of time.

Tub Cove’s experience, based on over 10,000 installations, is that wood rot is present in less than 5% of the jobs.

And in the overwhelming majority of those cases that have wood rot, Tub Cove can fix them within the estimated time and budget.

How Do I Care For & Clean My Tub Cove Wall Surround?
Care and cleaning are easy. Tub Cove Bath and Shower Walls are inherently tough and strong.

Think of it as a laminate (eg, Formica) counter top in your kitchen that has survived years of food preparation and dirty dishes. Your Bath Wall will last even longer and continue to look great.

Tub Cove shower walls are easy to clean.

Simply wipe down the walls with a mild liquid cleaner such as 409 or Scrubbing Bubbles.

Avoid using any cleaner containing abrasives or bleach.

Never use an abrasive scrubber or cleaner on the surround surface.  This will scratch the surface and those scratches are where mildew or mold spores like to attach themselves and set up housekeeping.

- Shelley's Tips

Does Tub Cove Install Bath Liners?
No. Bath liners, offered by such companies as Bath Fitter, Re-Bath and Luxury Bath, are made from sheets of thin acrylic polymer.

A sheet is formed and molded to match your bath tub.

The liner slips over and is glued down to your old tub.

Tub Cove can install a new wall surround and bath tub, including new waste and overflow drain connections, at a cost that is usually less than a bath liner.


Tub Cove recommends and encourages you to obtain competitive bids.


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