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Bath Tub Replacement

If your bath tub is cracked, chipped, worn out or colored in the famous pink or blue hues of the 1950's, it's time to install a new tub!

TubCove will install a new bath tub in your home at an attractive price.

tub install

Quick Expert Installation

TubCove’s 35+ years expertise & quality products make our bathtub installations quick affordable, easy-care solutions that take as little as one day to install.


Bath Tub Replacement vs Refinishing

Replacing your old tub with a new bathtub is just that... you get to enjoy a brand new bathtub.

Tub refinishing or reglazing is a cheaper alternative to replacing an old tub that some homeowners consider.

Bath tub refinishing is a multi-step chemical process that applies a thin, rigid epoxy paint to the old tub.

Refinishing is less expensive then installing a new tub, but the life expectancy of a refinished or reglazed tub is considerably shorter.

Refinishing may make sense to a quick-fix owner with a low budget & a 1-2 year time horizon.

Replacing with a new tub makes more sense for the quality-minded owner, and the person looking for a long term solution.


Old Tub Footprint

This pic demonstrates a splash guard installed as well as a cultured marble floor strip at the front of the tub to disguise the gap between the front edge of the tub and the edge of the flooring after the new tub installation.

filler strip

We find that many of the old tubs we tear out have a footprint shape that is a lot different than the new tubs we install so there is a gap on the floor between the front edge of the new tub and the edge of the flooring where it once butted up to the front edge of the old tub.

Our solution to this dilemma was to have a strip of solid surface material manufactured and installed over top the gap to cover up the scar line.

TubCove recommends American Standard bathtubs

We recommend the Cambridge or Princeton tub models from American Standard

Their sloped-back design provides superior soaking comfort.

They also are well insulated to help retain heat.

Available in the most common bathtub sizes.

Available in several colors.


Cambridge bath tub

Princetown bath tub


Tub Cove recommends the ALOHA - the industries #1 selling porcelain enamel bathtub

Affordable & Slip Resistant - ideal for rentals & budget-conscious projects

The Aloha is a 60" x 30" x 14 1/4"bathtub – the industries #1 selling porcelain enamel bathtub is full length bath offering exceptional performance and roominess for a recess application.

The Aloha has a traditional design with a standard "straight" back support. Construction is a one piece heavy gauge seamless steel with an acid resistant porcelain enamel finish.. Free standing on a full length support pad that offers added strength and sound deadening.

The Aloha complies with ASME A119.1-2008/CSA B45.2-08 Enameled Cast Iron and Enameled Steel Plumbing Fixtures, ADA American Disabilities Act, F462 Consumer Safety Specification for Slip Resistant Bathing Facilities. Made in the USA

Available in white, bone and biscuit colors with a right and left drain.

aloha bath tub