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Tub to Shower Conversions

TubCove helps families with special needs, aging parents, or anyone who loves a large shower by converting existing bath tubs into safe, walk-in showers.

The primary safety benefit of having a walk-in shower in your bathroom is to prevent the risk of injury associated with falling in the bathtub.

TubCove's special "Retro-Fit" Shower Bases are made for this specific purpose.


Need a Tub to Shower Conversion?

One insightful comment was expressed by a son converting his elderly mother's bath to a walk-in shower:

"If I can keep my Mom safe in her own house by converting the bathtub to a walk-in shower, even if only for one additional month, the shower conversion pays for itself!"


Quick Installation

Our shower pans have the same dimensions & drain locations as the existing bath tub, This helps to contain conversion costs & installation can be done in only 2 days.

Removal of the existing bathtub is quick & mess free. It doesn't matter what condition your existing bathtub is in, or what type of material it is made of.

Personalized for You

We also offer both our Laminate and Solid Surface shower wall surrounds for complete finishing of Tub to Shower conversions.

A wide selection of safety options such as grab bars and seating are available to customize your new shower to best suit your needs.

Shower heads & controls can be plumbed in to your preference, with fixtures available in many styles & finishes.

Glass shower doors are a great way to finish the project. They are easy to maintain, offer a lifetime warranty, and are available in many types of configurations.


tub to shower conversion

tub to shower

TubCove tub to shower conversion

Tub Cove tub to shower conversion

TubCove has thousands of satisfied customers. Installation for your new tub to shower conversion can be done in only two days! Call today for your free estimate!