Tub Cove Warranty

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Tub Cove Materials & Workmanship Warranty

TubCove Warranty

Limited Two Year WARRANTY

TubCove will provide a limited material and labor warranty on each authorized installed bath wall unit. This warranty is for two years. Our warranty covers the bath wall against defects in the bath wall and failure due to installation or workmanship.

TubCove warranty is limited and does not cover defects, damage, or failure caused by lack of maintenance; use of abrasive or improper cleaner; careless handling; or improper or unauthorized modifications.

Without charge to the original purchaser, TubCove will, at its option, either repair the defective unit or component or replace the defective component.


In addition to the above limitations, warranty does not cover commercial installations when the unit has been altered or modified in any way. TubCove is not responsible for loss of use or profit under any circumstances.


To clean your new bath wall, wash with mild liquid cleaners such as PineSol®, 409®, or Fantastik®.
Never clean with abrasive cleansers or bleach.


Previously Refinished Tubs & Shower Pans

Due to the type of material used to refinish tub or shower pan surfaces, Tub Cove can not assume responsibility for damage to the tub surface when removing the existing tub wall material, prepping for new tub wall installation or installing a new Tub Cove laminate bath enclosure on a tub or shower pan that has been previously refinished or resurfaced. 


D-I-Y Supply Material Only

The Tub Cove warranty is limited and does not cover Do-It-Yourself installations!

Since each Tub Cove tub wall is custom-made, tub walls must be paid for in advance. There are no returns or refunds. Please check your Tub Cove bath wall unit before you leave. Tub Cove is not responsible for your bath wall once it leaves our showroom. Tub Cove is not responsible for loss of use or profit under any circumstances.


Cleaning your laminate or solid surface surround

When it's time to clean your laminate or cultured stone surround, do so after you've taken a long, hot shower. This serves to soften any soap scum on the walls making it easier to remove while cleaning.

Simply spray the surface down with a liquid spray cleaner such as Scrubbing Bubbles, 409 or my new personal favorite, Clorox Bleach Free Bathroom Cleaner. Leave this sit for a few minutes before wiping down with a cleaning rag or towel.

- Shelley's Tips


Laminate Care Instructions (pdf)    Care PDF Download