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    Four Things You Need To Know Before Seattle WA Tub Surround Installation

    The enclosure around the bathtubs is usually more prone to wear and tear than the tubs. This may be tough if you have ceramic tiled walls but easy when installing surround panels around the bathtub. It is common to identify major wall repair issues even before the bathtub is ready for replacement. The discussion below outlines the key things you need to know before outsourcing Seattle WA Tub Surround Installation services.

    Measure Your Tubs

    The size of the tub you need tops the critical things you must establish before calling the dealer for purchase and installation. We always guide you to select a surround kit with the right measurements for your tub. You can also get special kits that our installers can adjust to fit the dimensions in your facility. We can help you get surrounds that fit well in the existing tubs and save you the cost of acquiring new models with every replacement.

    Choose Tubs that Match Your Bathroom

    We endeavor to help you install tubs that will improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathrooms. Installing tubs that match the prevailing theme and colors in your bathrooms will create a perfect look that soothes every time you take a bath. We can also help you install tubs which match important fixtures and furniture, such as cabinetry or sinks in any shower surround installation in Seattle. It is also prudent to acquire surrounds that match the existing tubs to avoid a mismatch with the original design and colors.

    Establish the Structural Constraints

    We install thin panels that are easy to cut and trim when installing tubs near essential structures such as windows. A window on top of the wall where the tub enclosure sits may limit how you install the surrounds. It is imperative to ensure the new models you pick will not interfere with such windows. Luckily, you can hire experienced Shower Conversion contractors to help you modify the existing bathroom structures to get your dream tubs. We encourage you to take the measurements right to avoid such structural mismatch.

    Faucet Location

    A tub surround kit allows a seamless installation without bothering about where the faucet valve will face. You mark where you want the faucet, cut appropriately during installation, and drill holes for the valves. Those who buy full tubs may not enjoy this benefit as they need to specify if the faucet will be on the right or left.

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